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Co-sponsoring conference on anti-piracy

H. Folmer & Co. find it essential that the world community keeps a strong focus on the fight againt piracy. The increasing number of attacks on merchant vessels in the Gulf of Aden and The Indian Ocean is a threath to the world trade as well as our seafarers, and it can only be stopped by a coordinated effort from the international community.

Therefore we have - at several occasions - contributed to get piracy on the political agenda. This is also why we now have chosen to support a Copenhagen conference on the subject. The conference is arranged by The Danish Atlantic Treaty Association and takes place the 8th of June 2010 at the Danish Naval Academy on Holmen in Copenhagen. Registration is required.

The key note speaker is the Danish Foreign Minister Lene Espersen. In addition Jan Fritz Hansen, Danish Shipowners Association and Dan B. Termansen, Commanding Officer of the Danish Warship ABSALON will present their perspectives on the matter.

It is our hope that this conference will contribute with knowledge and solutions regarding piracy.

The Conference is sponsered by The Danish Shipowners Association, Clipper, Torm, Norden and H. Folmer & Co.


Background analysis

In august 2010 The Danish Atlantic Treaty Association published a background analysis on piracy.

Please feel free to download the publication:

Sørøvere på skattejagt
(pdf in Danish)