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H. Folmer & Co.

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Company profile

H. Folmer & Co. is a Copenhagen based shipping company with root in the Danish maritime tradition. Chartering worldwide, managing owners and technical management are our core business areas.

We operate worldwide with a fleet consisting of 7 multi-purposed vessels in the tonnage class from 1600 to 2000 DWCC. Most of the vessels are IMO1-fitted, and the handling of IMO cargos worldwide is among our specialties.

The core businessess of H. Folmer & Co.

Worldwide chartering

Our chartering department is always available for our customers, who can expect the very best solutions for their cargo. Our chartering broker Jørgen Grube are highly skilled and have long experience to draw upon in the planning of the individual freight.

Managing owners

At H. Folmer & Co. managing owners means technical management, crewing and chartering at very competitive prices.

The management of H. Folmer & Co.

H. Folmer & Co. is a stakeholder company owned by the managing director Jørgen Folmer.

Mr. Jørgen Folmer, director

Employed in H. Folmer & Co. since 1972. Manager of the technical department from 1974. Co-director and owner since 1980. Navigator from Copenhagen Navigationsskole in 1964. Boardmember of Seahealth Denmark (Søfartens Arbejdsmiljøråd) and The Danish Shipowners Association of 2010 (Rederiforeningen af 2010). Designated representative for the background group of the Investigation Division of DMA (Søfartsstyrelsens Opklaringsenhed) from 2001 to 2007.

Foundation and history of H. Folmer & Co.

H. Folmer & Co. was founded in 1955 by the late shipbroker Mr. Helge Folmer, who established a shipbroker company especially for chartering of coasters, competitive chartering and agency in the port of Copenhagen. Helge Folmer was born in 1915 in Marstal, a small shipping town, which at the time was the home port for a fifth of the Danish coaster fleet.

During the first years of operation the company managed a number of small coasters – trading inside Denmark, Scandinavia and the Baltic Countries with grain, coal and pet coke. But during the next decade the demand for larger tonnage grew, and an existing cooperation with the Danish ship-owner Mr. Robert Stærke Christensen from Marstal lead to the building of a number of ships after the Danish Part Ownership Model.

The first of the seven Dancoast vessels was built at Frederikshavn Shipyard in 1965, and also second hand tonnage was purchased. The fleet now mainly traded from Scandinavia to the Mediterranean with timber as well as other cargo in North European trade.

Mr. Helge Folmer remained owner of H. Folmer & Co. until his death in 1974. In the following years the company was managed by the next generation, Capt. Jørgen Folmer and Mr. Uffe M. Jensen, and in 1980 the managing directors also became owners of the company.

In 1977 H. Folmer & Co. built its first new-building abroad – m/v Helge Folmer – a 1599 GRT coaster delivered from Strobos Shipyard in Holland.

During the 1980’s the area of operation as well as the fleet was expanded once again. The building programme of the Danica fleet was launched in 1981, and until 1993 a total of 15 ships were built for H. Folmer & Co. – all at Sakskoebing Shipyard in Denmark.

The Danica vessels varied in size from 1000 dwcc to 2000 DWCC. They are all built using the best materials and most modern technologies of the time, and through thorough maintenance, these vessels are still the reliable basis of the fleet of H. Folmer & Co. The 7 vessels managed by H. Folmer & Co. today vary from 1600 to 2000 DWCC.


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In short


H. Folmer & Co. is a Danish shipping company operating worldwide in the coaster segment. Our core services are chartering, managing owners and technical management.


7 vessels in the size from 1600 to 2000 dwcc


Director Jørgen Folmer


Approximately 50 people at sea and 9 at the office in Copenhagen


1955 by the late shipbroker Helge Folmer


In London, established in 2003